The simple answer is to add more sales channels. Our customers find that adding eBay or Amazon, each generally add about 25% additional sales.

The upside to selling on multiple sales channels

With some time and effort invested, you could be making 50% more sales.

The downside to selling on multiple sales channels

The additional time needed to maintain the channels:

  • Making your listings on eBay and Amazon can take a lot of time and effort, especially if you have thousands of products.
  • Managing orders
  • Stock levels. Selling items which you have to cancel, because do not have it in stock, can really hurt your reputation on eBay and Amazon
  • You may need to hire additional staff and invest in training them

Make more sales efficiently

All of the above problems can be solved, simply by using HubMaster.

  • eBay listings can be made in seconds.
  • Orders are automatically sent to your website. You don’t have to log into eBay or Amazon to fulfil your orders
  • Stock levels are automatically managed.
  • HubMaster’s dashboard is easy to use and our team will provide your staff with any support they need FOR FREE

You could do it alone. We encourage you to set up your eBay and Amazon store regardless, they are well worth it.
The question is, how much time do you want to spend setting up your additional channels?

Our customers have been making additional sales with HubMaster for over 5 years now. With our help, you could be raking in an additional 50% sales within a few weeks.

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