Hubmaster is good when you need to:

Save time and energy managing stock across several channels

Hubmaster synchronises your stock across multiple channels like eBay, Amazon and your website automatically.

List many items quickly

Hubmaster has tools to let you make a lot of listings quickly on eBay and Amazon using your existing images and descriptions.

Manage all your orders from one place

Hubmaster pulls all your orders from eBay and Amazon into your website, and updates eBay and Amazon when they are despatched.

Update your eBay images using your website images

Hubmaster can send all your full sized images from your website to the right eBay listings.

Hubmaster is Independent Software

Since Hubmaster is independent software, there is not complicated integration needed to connect or disconnect from your website. We simply turn it on, and if you no longer need it can turn it off. No downtime or extra work for you.

How does Hubmaster work? find out here

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