Now that the core features are solid and everything works reliably, we focused more these last few months on improving the experience for our users.

Thank you to the users who sent us feedback. We read it all. We do our best to fix issues in the same week that we are notified about them. In these last 3 months, we fixed or improved almost everything requested.
After that, we looked at the slowest pages and improved the load times, in some cases to as much as 10 times faster. We hope that these pages will now be much less frustrating to use.

We added some new features, like more statistics, that we hope will help you pull back the curtain a bit when it comes to multi-sales eCommerce. On that note, we could really use your feedback on any other statistics that would help your store, so please contact us with your suggestions.

NEW FEATURE: Diagnostics

The new diagnostics dashboard has several tools to help you improve your product data, find issues and compare sales data from all your channels.

  • NEW FEATURE: Sales Per Channel – Compare the number of sales made on each channel.
  • NEW FEATURE: Value Per Channel – Total value of all orders, for each sales channel.
  • NEW FEATURE: Variants without weight – Lists products with variants, that do not have a weight. This is a common problem if you use weights to calculate your shipping costs.
  • NEW FEATURE: Latest Product Reviews – Delete spam product reviews right from the Diagnostics page with 1 click.
  • NEW FEATURE: Missing Product Images – Displays a list of products that have no image.
  • NEW FEATURE: Small Product Images – Displays a list of products which have images smaller than 500 pixels in either width or height. Useful for eBay’s/Amazon’s policy where an image must be no less than 500/1,000 pixels.
  • NEW FEATURE: Product Data – Make custom product data searches.


  • Simplified the look of the Add new Source page.
  • Simplified the look of the Create new Channel page.


  • Improved the load times of the Amazon Orders page.


  • Hugely improved the load times of the Relist page.
  • Added cache to improve load times, upon repeat visit of the Relist page.
  • Added a filter to Relist page, for how many days to search for ended listings (0-7, 8-14, 15-30, 31-45 or 60 days).
  • You can now select a default eBay listing template.
  • You can now search for Scheduled Listings, from the eBay Listings page in your eBay channels.
  • eBay Orders page now has a status filter.


  • Much easier to clone, delete and add rows to the feed table.