Automation saves you time

Most of the work managing multiple sales channels is pretty simple menial work. Updating stock levels, prices, and confirming dispatch of orders.
Some of these tasks require you to log into 2 or 3 different websites and repeat the same process. We value your time, that’s why Hubmaster automatically takes care of all of the busy work for you.

Stock – Whenever you make a sale on one channel, the stock level is adjusted on all other channels.
Price – Just set the price on your website and all channels are updated. If you want to set a different price on a channel, it’s taken care of. e.g. Add 20% to eBay prices & +£5.00 to Amazon price

eBay listings can be created in less than 5 seconds, with a professional looking template. You don’t need to log into eBay to make, end, relist the item, or confirm dispatch of the order.

Relist eBay listings that have ended, with just a couple of clicks.

We will help you set up your Amazon feed. So you can start selling all your products as soon as you are ready.

Orders from every sales channel in one place. This way, you won’t miss any orders and it’s a lot easier to make reports for your company accounts. We also add a filter so you can easily find orders from a particular sales channel.

Imagine if your business saved 10 hours a week. That adds up to nearly 23 extra days a year. Some of our customers have been using Hubmaster for over 5 years and many of them save much more than this.


Export all your orders to Xero easily.
From next March 2019, all corporation tax must be submitted from an electronic source.
Our Xero integration makes digital accounting simple. All your orders will be ready and waiting in Xero, for when your accounts need them.

See the Big Picture

Metrics comparing all your channels, so you can find out which channels are working best.

X-ray Diagnostics

Do you update your website product’s data? Perhaps you want to add a new piece of text to all your products like a google shopping category. Or maybe you just want to make sure every product has a brand.

Updating your website products with new data can be time consuming and frustrating, especially if your adding multiple pieces of data and maybe you are not sure which products still need to be updated.

X-ray diagnostics give you the power to quickly search for whatever data you are looking for, on every single product and find those products in just a couple of clicks.

Images are a common issue for many of our customers when making listings onto more sales channels.

Did you know that eBay require your listings to be a minimum of 500 pixels, and Amazon need them to be 1,000 pixels?
Do all of your product’s meet this requirement? Do every single one of your products have an image?

X-ray diagnostics is already set up, to find products that have small images, so you can fix them right away. Your listings won’t be held up

Product Reviews

Did you know that most consumers will take action only after reading a positive review? Most consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Your customers could be the best advertisement for your business.

If you have hundreds of products, you may get a lot of reviews, and unfortunately a lot of these may be spam. Our product review page shows you all your reviews from every product and lets you manage them from within Hubmaster.


Need a product feed? Our powerful feed tool can make a .txt feed from virtually any of your website’s product data. This is ideal for Amazon & Google Shopping.

Free Support

Our expert team will set up your channels and show you everything you need to know. We can even train each member of your team how to use the system, all included in the price.