Check Xcart product data

Wondering how good your product data is on your Xcart website? Poor data quality is really damaging to your Google scores Did you know that HubMaster provides you with a free tool to check your Xcart website? Look for short descriptions that are too short, missing keywords, products with images that are too small and …

Year on Year Stats

This summer we introduced a number of new features, amongst them were some new stats tools. This one is my favourite, It shows the year on year figures, this Hubber is smashing it compared to previous years! This shows a single sales channel, in this case their Xcart website

Xero comes to Hubmaster!

Great news ! you can now export your inventory, customers and orders from Xcart to Xero! It’s  quick and easy. The first clients to use it have described it as a huge time saving, not surprising as it turns a tedious job of hours into a minor task of just a few minutes. This new …