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Add Quality Free Content to Your Website with Q-Channel

Q-Channel works well with Hubmaster or as a stand alone program, as it is a place where you can answer all questions your customers or potential customers have about your products or business in one convent place. This saves you time as instead of having to check several different channels, Q-Channel pulls questions in from multiple websites and platforms so you only have to log into one place in order to answer them.

When answering back, you can also generate a comprehensive ‘frequently asked questions’ (FAQ) on your website.  Once you answer the customer directly, you can then choose to send the questions and answers to a section on your website, meaning if people search these terms on search engine sites you’re site will most likely turn up more frequently in the results. If one person is asking the question, chances are more people are looking to ask the same questions or look for answers.

To see an example of the kinds of user generated content you might get, have a look at one of our client’s website and the way they answer questions including links to products.

You can change the wording of the questions or expand upon them to help give people who visit your website a better understanding of products and other valuable information. You can also include links to relevant products so people can easily find them. All of the questions you select are then put into an FAQ (frequently asked questions) section on your website that potential and existing customers can refer to.

To find out more and how Q-channel can help your business, contact us for a no-obligation chat.

The Importance of eCommerce Packaging

Gone are the days of throwing some packing peanuts around your products in a box, customers now expect a lot more from their eCommerce purchases in terms of the vessels the arrive in.

e-commerce packaging

Product packaging is an often overlooked part of the process of getting goods to your customer. Not only should you ensure that your product is packaged properly to keep it from being damaged, but there are opportunities to make sure your packaging stands out against competitors. This can not only set you apart from the competition, but helps your customers remember your product and service as positive and unique.

Yes it’s important to make sure none of your items within your packaging move around too much during shipment, but this doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice presentation. Branded or coloured tissue paper, cardboard sides, bags, bubble wrap or air filled pillows make your parcel attractive to open as well as memorable while re-inforcing your brand. It’s also important to think about the design of your packaging such as the shape, size and weight of the box and packing materials inside it. You can even get creative and include extras like confetti in an envelope for customers to use as photo props if your products are especially photogenic.

According to a 2016 survey conducted by Shorr packaging company  shoppers are more likely to make a repeat purchase based on custom packaging designs and feel the packaging reflects the value of the product or products inside. Not only will the customer be happier with your branded packaging according to the survey, but they are more likely to share photos of it on social media, elevating awareness of your brand and products.

It pays in terms of customer loyalty and exposure to put some extra thought into your product packaging. You should make it a big part of your marketing strategy, as often times this is the first tangible connection with your brand customers will have.


Calculate Your eBay Fees

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 16.10.21In order to optimise your profit on eBay, you can check your fees using eBays fee calculator. While fees may not always be exact, they give you a good indication on how much your listing is going to cost. By taking away the cost of shipping and relevant taxes, this gives you your potential profit from what’s left over.

We have filled out a sample below, and the estimated fees associated with those options.



eBay’s Fee Illustrator is another useful tool that can be used to find out which eBay shop is best for your selling practices. We have entered in some values below in the Fee Illustrator to show you sample prices.

fee illustrator2

Both tools can be used to help figure out your costs associated with running an eBay store, and the fees and profits from selling your items to give you a better forecast for your business.

We’ve made it easy to access these tools at anytime from your Hubmaster dashboard, by going into eBay > eBay help and settings and then selecting the relevant link from the right hand menu. hubmasterebay

Don’t Leave Out Important eBay Listing Information

EBayLast year in June, eBay issued a new change which meant listings in certain categories need to have Product Identifiers for branded new and manufacturer refurbished items. Product Identifiers include the brand name of the item, the Manufacturer Part Number (MPN), and Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN) such as Universal Product Codes (UPC), International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN), and European Article Numbers (EAN).

By entering the correct and most up to date product information, you can match your items against products from the eBay catalogue, which means it is now easier for your stock to be picked up by more users on and off eBay.  It also means your listings will be picked up to compare against other items in deals and promotions on eBay as well as search engines like Google when the complete product information is included, so customers may be able to find your goods for sale by just searching for the term in Google rather than having to visit eBay’s site directly.

From the end of February, any listings with variations must also include Product Identifiers for all new and manually resisted listings and all listings in which you revise the Global Trade Item Number, Title, Category, Item Specifics or Condition. If these are not updated, your listings won’t renew and get re-listed. It’s a good idea to add product identifiers to every future listing as eBay will be adding additional categories along the way.

Below is a list of the current categories requiring product identifiers:

Books, Comics & Magazines
Business, Office & Industrial
Cameras & Photography
Clothes, Shoes & Accessories
Computers/Tablets & Networking
DVDs, Films & TV
Health & Beauty
Home, Furniture & DIY
Mobile Phones & Communication
Musical Instruments
Pet Supplies
Sound & Vision
Sporting Goods
Toys & Games
Vehicle Parts & Accessories
Video Games & Consoles

How we can help

Manually updating each listing sounds easy in theory if you don’t have that many, but when you are dealing with hundreds of products, some with several variations, the workload can quickly add up.

We can help take on the big job of changing your product information across all your stock. Instead of you changing each item one by one, we have developed methods to update and add the correct identifiers for you, making the whole process quick and effortless on your part. While eBay does offer a bulk listing tool, it is very slow and you still have to type in all of your information manually.

Save yourself the extra work and trouble by contacting us today to start updating your eBay stock.

Hubmaster Can Create New Listings on a Magento Website

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.07.55
The latest Hubmaster feature is a module to create new listings on a Magento website from existing Hubmaster ones. This will suit Hubmaster users who already use Hubmaster to create listings on eBay or Amazon, and are populating a new Magento based website. This module could quickly be adapted to do the same for any type of website that allows connections.


“The new module saved Oak Solutions very many hours when we started using the module to make variations of our eBay listings on our new website and allowed us to populate the new website in record time” -Miles from Oak Solutions

Let Hubmaster do the work for you. If you need any sort of adaptations contact us to discuss your websites needs.

Importance of feedback ratings on Amazon and Ebay

amazon and ebayWhen there are a few options for sale around the same price point, a good feedback rating can determine whether you get the sale or another seller does. Having a high seller feedback rating let’s buyers know they can be confident in purchasing goods from you and that they will have a good buying experience.

Increase the amount of feedback you receive 

To increase the likelihood of receiving feedback, you can invite buyers to leave feedback on their purchases by e-mailing them after they have received the goods. Another way is to send an e-mail out after you have sent the goods saying that their purchases have been shipped and if they are happy with everything could they please leave feedback once they’ve received their items.

Many times people who are unhappy with purchases are the ones who are more likely to leave feedback compared to all of your happy customers, that’s why it’s important to reach out to every customer to invite feedback to boost the positive experiences. Make sure that all your items are described accurately and err on the side of caution if you are unsure of the condition of your items. For example if the packaging isn’t pristine, don’t mark the item as new, describe what is exactly wrong with it in the description box. Also it is important to be prompt with delivery and keep up with communications so that the buyer can have a seamless transaction. Hubmaster can help your business handle fulfilment quickly to avoid negative feedback that may be associated with delivery times or lack of communication. It can also make sure that your stock is updated across channels so buyers won’t be purchasing something that is not in stock.

Feedback on Amazon vs. eBay

If you do receive negative feedback on Amazon that is a result of their fulfilment team or customer service, Amazon can strike through the feedback and it won’t count against you. Sometimes they do this automatically, whereas other times you will have to put in a request. Other reasons to have feedback removed include obscene language or personal details, or if it is a product review that has nothing to do with what you have done as a seller. If you receive any feedback that violates the feedback policies make sure to have them removed so as not to bring down your feedback rating.

It’s slightly different selling on eBay than on Amazon as there’s an understanding that the buyer and seller are making a transaction with one another rather than an outside party being involved in the process as with Amazon. Therefore the ratings will be purely decided on you as a seller, no one else is to blame for any positive or negative feedback from the buyer. With eBay neutral feedback doesn’t effect you negatively like with Amazon, but it also doesn’t effect you positively. So if you do have any negative feedback the you will have to work harder and reach out to people to bring your rating up with more positive posts. On eBay some sellers can insist buyers have a certain feedback rating before being able to bid as well, which isn’t possible on Amazon.

Be proactive with your feedback scores and make sure you are trying to resolve issues quickly and efficiently with your buyers. Don’t forget that you can also leave feedback about your buyers regarding various things such as prompt payment, and this often makes your buyers more likely to leave feedback for you as a seller.

Amazon is now live!

The first users have been using the Amazon channel in Hubmaster now for over a month and apart from some minor issues it has been a success, with thousands of orders imported and tens of thousands of listings updated

If you were thinking about selling through Amazon, now might be the time to get started, it has never been easier to join the many sellers making profits there.

Link Your Website to Amazon

You will be able to link your website to Amazon

Amazon will be available within the next two weeks, so we have reorganised the menus a little to make room.

The menu that used to be called “Website” was really the eBay mapping page, so it has been moved to under eBay.

The new Amazon menu will have all the menu items you are already familiar with, including the equivalent Amazon mapping page

While we were doing this we realised we were also a bit short of room for adding a new sidebar tab for Amazon, so we have moved them all to the top right and made them a little smaller.

You might notice in the screenshot there is a Magento icon, and that’s because we are doing a custom channel for a Magento site for one of our Hubbers. If you have a special requirement, let us know.

New Amazon menu at Hubmaster

New Amazon menu