Hubmaster makes managing multichannel selling easy! 

Easily save time, reduce costs & automate your stock across all sales channels

 Connect all your sales channels

Hubmaster is a single hub that connects with eBay, Amazon and other shopping channels, as well as connecting websites to each other, so that all your orders can be handled in one convenient place, your own website!

Simplify your stock management across multiple channels

Make a sale anywhere on any channel, and everywhere else is adjusted automatically. Reduce the time it takes organising all of your order information. No more spreadsheets, no more negative feedback for overselling, you can focus on making sales and sending out orders.

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What our customers say about us

“We would not have been able to list in bulk without Hubmaster, and it has transformed how many sales get on both eBay and Amazon, about 4 times as many sales this year, compared to the four years before.”
-Peter Crane, Lookers Sunglasses

“The new module saved Oak Solutions very many hours when we started using the module to make variations of our eBay listings on our new website and allowed us to populate the new website in record time”
-Miles, Oak Solution

“We tried 2 ‘similar’ products in the previous year, but both failed to deliver exactly what we needed. One felt a bit amateur, which made me feel nervous, and required an awful lot of inputting on the user’s part before we could even begin to use it, and the other handled our orders in a way that made us feel a little out of control, especially when it came to managing the kind of information it fed and that our systems require, and we were unable to adapt it.

Hubmaster however, whilst being very simple to use, still feels professional, and handles our orders in a way we feel comfortable with. and any additional elements we have needed that are bespoke to our company, have been integrated to make it smoother.

I would recommend Hubmaster to any growing eCommerce company that handles multi-channel  orders.”
-Anna Elkington, Company Director, Melody Maison


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